Che tomando agua

     Che Tomando Agua - Liborio Noval

In May 2004, Australian photographer Andrew Dunbar and Dutch photographer Martin Cohen visited the island of Cuba together for the first time. It opened up a new world for both artists and established a collaboration that would change the course of their lives. Focusing on the streets and people of Havana, they developed an original and intimate view of this remarkable city, resulting in La Habana, Cuba, a collection of one hundred masterful images in color and black and white. Their joint effort artfully reflects the spirit and poetry of a nation that went through five decades of turbulence.

Cuban life and culture had a profound effect on the artists: after seeing the epic photographs of the Cuban Revolution, Dunbar contacted the old maestros and their families, in an effort to bring their outstanding work to his home country. Photographers of the Revolution showcases the work of four of Cuba’s greatest photographers: Alberto Diaz Korda, Liborio Noval, Osvaldo Salas and his son Roberto Salas. The first photographic retrospective of the Cuban Revolution in Australia was shown to great acclaim in Adelaide (2005) and Melbourne (2006). The success of these exhibitions led to more visits to the island and lasting friendships between the two generations of photographers.

In 2008, exactly four years after their initial visit to Cuba, a joint international exhibition opened at the beautiful Palais de Glace in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cuba, La Revolución y La Habana Contemporanea marked the world premiere of an all encompassing show that combines the historic collection of fifty photographs of the Cuban Revolution with the contemporary view of Havana by Dunbar and Cohen. The artistic visions of six photographers from three continents complement each other in so many ways, creating a wide palette of aesthetic and creative sensibilities. In this unique body of work, the extraordinary island of Cuba is brought to exuberant life.