andrew dunbar

Bonnet Emblem, CubaAndrew Dunbar’s unique photographic style has positioned him as a contemporary master in photography. Since 1996 he has been the recipient of over 60 awards and commendations including The Australian Editorial Photographer of the Year and the prestigious Ilford Trophy.

In recent years Dunbar’s work has been widely exhibited; Poignant exhibitions include Chiaroscuro, New Body of Art, Windows to the Soul, Body Piercing, Wine in Focus, Soft Around the Edges, The Children of Nyumbani, Ten Years On, Nakkondi/Look, Skin Talks, Australian Aboriginals, Vintage, La Habana Cuba, Cuadros Desde el Extremo and The Painted Body.

In the United States his work has been displayed alongside such luminaries as Annie Leibovitz, Man Ray, Irving Penn, Greg Gorman, Edward S. Curtis, Diane Arbus, Susan Faludi and Paul Outerbridge, Jr. More recently are his efforts to bring the first group exhibition of the legendary Cuban Photographers, Alberto Korda, Liborio Noval, Roberto and Osvaldo Salas to Australia. Besides his photographic activities, Dunbar is also a much sought after public speaker. His extensive reach into popular culture has substantially contributed to the international platform of creative photography.

Dunbar currently resides in Australia, sharing his time between commercial and artistic photography, each year spending time working and exhibiting abroad.